This is for you – The High Achiever

This is for you – The High Achiever. The builder. The creator. The Giver. The leader. The changemaker. The thought leader. The innovator.

To help you thrive. To realize your dreams. To achieve greatness. Be Brilliant Academy is designed for you.

We, the 30minMBA team, built the Be Brilliant Academy with the purpose to empower individuals to reach their full potentials. Our ambition is to be the champion of all high achievers out there. There are already plenty of options for the masses, so we decided to tailor all our courses to you. The ones who dare to dream big. The ones that imagine things that seem impossible and never settle. The ones who want to live in line with their purpose and values. The ones who strive for more. All our actionable courses are founded in behavioral science, positive psychology, and extensive experience. Imagine developing your business skills and thriving as a High Achiever.

Grow personally and professionally to reach your full potential. Explore actionable courses in lifestyle design, entrepreneurship, public speaking, negotiation, and willpower.

For an even more customized experience, explore our one-to-one Performance and Achievement Coaching focused on investing time in yourself to come closer to your full potential and reach greatness.

Welcome to Be Brilliant Academy!

This is for you – The High Achiever

Why Be Brilliant Academy?

  • Specially designed for you the High Achiever by High Achievers

    We know the lifestyle of a busy High Achiever, so our courses are actionable and its insights easy to implement instantly.

  • Learn where and how it fits yo

    Our courses are available on multiple devices on-demand and accessible when or where it suits you.

  • Grow both personally and professionally

    Regardless of where you are in your career, this is for you, who are committed to lifelong learning and to excel in each stage of your career.

  • Bridging the gap between what science knows and what business does

    Each actionable course has its foundation in behavioral science, positive psychology, and extensive expert experience.

  • Connect with fellow High Achievers

    We aim to be the champion of all High Achievers out there. Every High Achiever joining one of our course is invited to be a part of our community and continue the learning experience.

  • We believe in empowering individuals to reach their full potential

    With our courses, achievement and performance coaching, and our community, we will always be there to support you achieving greatness.

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