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Imagine waking up full of energy and anticipation about what this day will bring. You’re starting your day with an empowering morning routine that gives you greater clarity and insight about your priorities for the day ahead. When you arrive at your workplace, you feel energized and dive right into the most important priorities of the day with great focus. You love what you do, and you easily get into a state of flow as your work is meaningful and stimulating to you. You meet with your team and ensure that they feel supported by you as a leader and know how their work connects with the long-term vision of the company. Time flies where an hour feels like a minute, and you feel a great sense of accomplishment. Lifestyle design is center in everything you do so you live in line with your values, achieve your goals and have time for the things in your life that matter to you. You thrive. As a High Achiever, you aim to achieve greatness and to continuously grow. At the end of the day, you close your eyes with a feeling of gratitude and fulfillment. 

Now, are you the High Achiever in this story or does your current story sound a little difference? Regardless of where you start today, getting greater clarity into your values, goals, and priorities is the foundation of lifestyle design. When we align our mindset and actions with what matters to us the most, we thrive. Performance and Achievement Coaching is designed to help you achieve that. To maximize your performance. To achieve your goals. To excel as a leader. To make the right business decisions to grow your company. Just imagine feeling a greater sense of clarity, direction, and excitement every day.

All our one-on-one coaching sessions are personalized and focused on empowering you to come closer to your full potential. The sessions are not only targeted on your role as a leader and High Achiever but can also include exploration and conversations on your company's culture, growth strategy, and operating model.

We are uniquely focused on you, the High Achiever and aim at transformative change on a professional and personal level using effective techniques from mentoring, advising and coaching combined. You will be meeting Therése personally on a video call on or FaceTime.


This package is designed for you who are committed to thrive and keep a consistently high performance over the next 12 months. It gives you 2 hours one-to-one sessions every second week.

Professional coaching can increase work performance by 70 percent*

Our Promise to You

  • We go to the heart of the matter

    We go beyond the obvious and focus on strengthening your mindset and habits that serve you, in the long run, with the goal of achieving greatness.

  • You decide

    Your hopes and dreams set the agenda and we support you along the way with wisdom, insights and effective techniques.

  • A holistic view targeted at groundbreaking change

    By focusing on underlying behaviors and thoughts that may or may not serve you, our goal is a transformative change that empowers you to reach your full potential.

  • Oriented by the best

    You will be working with experienced and renowned Achievement and Performance Coaches that have inspired thousands of people globally to thrive.

  • Meet with us where and when it fits you best

    To experience a modern, time efficient and flexible way of connecting, the sessions are through video calls to allow you to seek out places that make you feel most comfortable.

  • Maximize our experience

    Performance and Achievement Coaching can be done independently or in connection with other Be Brilliant Academy courses. If it’s done alongside a course, it’s possible to create a deeper learning experience tailored to you.

Total investment for the 12 month package of 24 one-to-one sessions in total

All prices include taxes, and there are no hidden fees. What you see, is what the investment is.

"If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Strive to fulfill your potential.” – Therese Gedda

Meet Your Performance and Achievement Coach

Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker – Therese Gedda

Therese Gedda is the Founder and CEO of 30minMBA, a company re-imagining the workplace to enable the Future of Work starting with culture. Beyond running the award-winning company, Therese is a seasoned international Keynote Speaker on topics including Future of Work, business culture, workplace engagement, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and the entrepreneurial mindset. For over 15 years, she has inspired tens of thousands of people all over the world including New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Boston, Venice, Lisbon, London, Paris, Dublin, Stockholm, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Helsinki, and in the Bay Area.

At the age of 17, Therese started her first management consulting company, and over the last 15 years, she has supported thousands of founders, management teams and executives. At the age of 21, she became a guest lecturer at Stockholm School of Economics and The Royal Institute of Technology. Therese holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and has been awarded Sweden’s largest prize for innovators in memory of Alfred Nobel.

In 2016, Therese was included in the Nordic 100 list, which recognizes the most influential individuals having an impact on the tech and startup communities in the Nordics. In May 2018, Therese founded Be Brilliant Academy to provide actionable, on-demand courses that support high achievers to thrive personally and professionally.

Today, Therese is advising leading companies worldwide in re-designing their culture. She also works as a Performance and Achievement Coach to Founders and C-level executives globally to excel as high achievers. Additionally, Therése spends a significant amount of her time traveling as she frequently is invited to speak about The Future of Work at conferences all over Europe and North America.

When she is not on stage, connecting people or running startups, she is passionate about training and motivating others as a fitness instructor.

Meet Your Performance and Achievement Coach


“With over 15 years as a founder and keynote speaker, she is one of the most talented individuals I have ever met. Therese has a great passion for entrepreneurship with a remarkable degree of commitment to her projects. The dedication to getting things done, the passion for challenging the status quo and empowering people to greatness, makes her an extraordinary inspiration for myself and other founders.”

– Anneli Viklund, Innovation Expert at ALMI

“Highly driven, goal-focused and with an extraordinary degree of commitment to her projects. She can handle the grit of being an entrepreneur – not being someone to quit or easily doubt her ideas or vision. She wants to bring about change and engages the people around her in her ideas. She is also an advocate of entrepreneurship and has helped countless people on their path to building their business. I count her among the most inspirational and brilliant people I have the fortune to know.”

– Jakob Persson, Co-founder and CKO at NodeOne

“Therése has the ability to create magic – constantly, it seems. With loads of creativity and determination, Therese has demonstrated a remarkable ability to create exceptional value. She is a phenomenal startup CEO, an incredible leader and she has an amazing passion for empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential. I'm proud to vouch for her, because I've seen from the inside how she works and what she does to always deliver - both on stage as a keynote speaker and behind-the-scenes in business. Therése is extremely talented across the board and with her determination, no industry is safe from disruption.”

– Tony Friede, Investment Manager at VINNOVA

“Therése is an extraordinary individual with a great drive. She has an exceptional ability to quickly grasp new information and converting it into concrete actions. She is also an exceptional facilitator and contributor: sharing her extensive knowledge with high energy and charisma, paired with professionalism and a genuine interest in making individuals excel. Therése is truly phenomenal at empowering people.”

– Annelie Sule, Innovation and Business Development Manager at Umbilical Design

“With her previous experience, knowledge, passion and engagement she is perfectly suited to mentor startups, businesses and individuals to reach their fullest potential. She has a great enthusiasm for sharing new ideas and creative concepts as well as re-imagining and reverse engineering business structures. Therése is warm, generous and inspires both myself and others with her visions and charisma.”

– Andrea Elvhage, Managing Partner at Fenix Film

“Therése is a fantastic person in so many ways. On top of being a serial entrepreneur, she is an absolute top-class networker and extremely entrepreneurial. But, what really makes her shine is the immense passion she demonstrates for what she is doing. As a startup advisor and speaker, she is constantly connecting with other entrepreneurs to generously sharing her learnings, insights and, experiences to help them grow as well.”

– Mats Vindefjärd, CEO at Future Sports Media

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* Source: International Coach Federation Brochure