Looking to achieve more and increase your wellbeing?

Imagine living a fulfilled life, achieving your goals and thrive every day. Don't settle for a generic life. Commit to thriving by applying lifestyle design. 

This is for high achievers who are looking to design their life. To achieve more. To find a better way to combine everything that is important in your life. To get more out of every day and increase your wellbeing. To reduce stress. To get more out of your day, to feel more positive and grateful. To live more in line with your values. To maximize your time and priorities. 

This is an actionable, on-demand course designed to build self-awareness and self-leadership with the goal of self-actualization. It focuses on emotional intelligence and designing a life where you live with a greater self-knowledge and personal awareness. When we apply lifestyle design, we excel in our personal and professional life. Regardless if you're a young professional, a seasoned founder or an experienced executive, this course is a way to deep dive into how you can increase your own performance, productivity, and wellbeing – and it always starts with knowing what works best for you today. 

To help you kickstart your lifestyle design, we decided to give you one challenge every day for 30 days straight. When we build a strong foundation, we live our lives on our terms. 

You will be challenged. You will grow. And at the end of the 30-day challenge, you will have developed a blueprint for how to make better decisions going forward. To start every day by investing in yourself first to achieve more significant results and be able to give more to others. 

Happiness boosts productivity with more than 10 percent and a sense of purpose 'adds years to your life’*

“Thank you for an amazing course! It's so empowering to become more aware of how our behaviors and environment influence our motivation, productivity, and mood.”

Stefan Engeseth

CEO, Author, and Guest Professor at Detective Marketing

“By living with more gratitude and as a Giver has changed my life. Thanks to Be Brilliant Academy's Lifestyle Design course, I now end each day with a greater sense of achievement, happiness, and impact. I live more in line with my values and the relationships I now create goes beyond a simple connection. Thank you for an incredible course! ”

Fredrik Dahl

Investor. Growth and Sales Executive at Bisfront

Our Promise to You

  • Practice self-discovery

    Discover and realign your goals, priorities and, habits so they support your own purpose and values.

  • Get a fresh outlook on your lifestyle

    Identify and break thought-patterns or behaviors that undermine what matters to you the most.

  • Boost your wellbeing

    Fill your life with moments, people and places that bring you genuine happiness and fulfillment.

  • Hack your performance

    Get more out of your day by appreciating how your own energy ebbs and flows to increase your performance and productivity.

  • Get challenged!

    Experience a daily sense of accomplishment and personal and professional growth through exciting challenges.

  • Tools for life

    Learn how to maintain a lifelong alignment between your actions and your own purpose by getting introduced to powerful and sustainable concepts and techniques.

What's included in this Lifestyle Design course?

  • 01
    Introduction Lifestyle Design
    Show details
    • Introduction to Lifestyle Design – Welcome!
    • Who will you spend time with during this course?
    • The entire Lifestyle Design course a glance
    • The Progress Check-In for the introduction
  • 02
    Week 1 – Setting Yourself up for Success
    Show details
  • 03
    Week 2 – Changing Perspective
    Show details
  • 04
    Week 3 – Changing Priorities
    Show details
    • Day 15 – Ending each day with a great sense of achievement
    • Day 16 – Eliminate distractions and breaking bad habits
    • Day 17 – Achieving mental clarity FREE PREVIEW
    • Day 18 – Paying-it-forward
    • Day 19 – Being confident when facing crossroads
    • Day 20 – Living without regret
    • Day 21 – How to overcome “I don’t feel like it”
    • The Progress Check-In for Week 3
    • Week 3 – All challenges in one place
  • 05
    Week 4 – Committing to Thrive
    Show details
    • Day 22 – What’s your ratio between stability vs. excitement?
    • Day 23 – Defining your own success
    • Day 24 – Breaking-up with naysayers
    • Day 25 – What stands in your way?
    • Day 26 – The art of being present
    • Day 27 – Applying lifelong learning
    • Day 28 – How to be fully engaged?
    • The Progress Check-In for Week 4
    • Week 4 – All challenges in one place
  • 06
    The Finale – Achieve Greatness
    Show details
    • Day 29 – Your Blueprint
    • Day 30 – Success!!
    • The foundation is built, what’s next?