Looking to increase your self-control?

How often do you start the day excited and ready to get things done, yet end up having a low productive day? Perhaps without even noticing it, your excitement and urgency to get things done are faced with obstacles, distractions, temptations, until you think ' well, I can always start tomorrow'. Do you feel that you lack that willpower when you really need it? Imagine achieving more in 24 hours by increasing your self-control.

This is a 5-week willpower challenge designed for high achievers by high achievers. The course is built with actionable exercises to support you to achieve your willpower challenge. It’s founded upon insights from behavioral science and positive psychology. It covers everything from how we make decisions, how to resist temptation and how to stop procrastinating to how to train your brain and how to increase your self-control. 

The goal is to support you in strengthening your self-control and to develop valuable habits that help you increase your performance, boosts your energy and, enhance your productivity. Stop falling into the "I don't feel like it" trap due to lack of willpower and achieve more!

So, are you ready to dive into the science, stories, and challenges in this willpower course? Welcome to Be Brilliant Academy!

Self-control and grit are the most important variables to explain success*

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To achieve more, we need to change how we do things

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Our Promise to You

  • Discover the power of self-control and how to increase it

    Acknowledge the untapped potential of leveraging your willpower to reach your dreams.

  • Gain a greater awareness of your own emotions and behavior

    Identify thoughts and habits that increase as well as drain your willpower.

  • Achieve more

    Develop empowering habits that help you achieve your goals and live in line with your values.

  • Build a solid foundation

    Learn how to incorporate powerful techniques in your daily life to maximize your self-control over time.

  • Challenge yourself at your own pace

    Build your self-control at a pace that positively impacts your behavior and fits with your lifestyle.

  • Set yourself up for success

    Take control and design an environment with people, things and activities that support you to achieve greatness.

What's included in this course?

  • 01
    The Foundation of Willpower
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  • 02
    Set Yourself Up for Success
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    • How to resist temptation FREE PREVIEW
    • How to design habits that serve you
    • How to let a good change influence your life in a more profound way
    • Leaving with autopilot behind
    • How to overcome temptation
    • Challenges for Set Yourself up for Success
    • The Progress Check-In
  • 03
    Overcoming the Pitfalls
    Show details
    • Why do we fail?
    • How can we deal with negative stress?
    • Why do we procrastinate?
    • How to address the foundation of the self
    • Challenges for Overcoming the Pitfalls
    • The Progress Check-In
  • 04
    Designing an Environment Where You Thrive
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    • How to stick to your willpower challenge
    • How to explore the foundation of lifestyle design
    • How to train your brain
    • How to avoid unnecessary temptation
    • The power of recovery
    • Identify workouts that spark joy
    • Challenges for Designing an Environment Where You Thrive
    • The Progress Check-In
  • 05
    How to Achieve Your Willpower Challenge Successfully
    Show details
    • How can you train your willpower?
    • How to deal with 'Just this time' FREE PREVIEW
    • How to overcome the self-control challenge of the slippery slope
    • How to experience a regular sense of accomplishment
    • How to achieve willpower success with others
    • Willpower is contagious
    • One brain – two minds
    • Challenges for How to Achieve Your Willpower Challenge Successfully
    • The Progress Check-In
  • 06
    The Finale
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    • You’re brilliant!
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    • All Challenges for The Willpower Challenge
    • The Final Check-In