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Customer-centric companies are 60 percent more profitable compared to companies that are not focused on the customer*

This is for you

You are an innovator, a builder, a creator, or already an entrepreneur. Basically – You are a High Achiever.

You might come from the corporate world and are looking to make a change. To build something for yourself. 

You might already have been in the entrepreneurial world for years and are looking for a new way of doing things. 

You might even work in an organization and are looking for more innovative and effective ways of doing things. 

Then this entrepreneurship course is for you.

Turn your idea into a business
The course is designed for high achievers that are looking to build a company in close collaboration with the market, to develop a tribe, to design a thriving business culture and ultimately achieve a successful launch.

Our Promise to You

  • We take you on a journey

    This actionable course takes you along the different stages from pursuing an idea to developing a business leading to a successful launch.

  • No matter the stage you're in, you will grow

    The course is perfect for the exploration and development phase of your company, regardless if you are one hour, one week or one year into your business. We are taking the best of design thinking combined with other business insights and delivering it in a futuristic way.

  • Fosters creativity in an exciting way

    Its designed with actionable challenges and exercises to support you to step out of your comfort zone.

  • Momentum builds momentum

    Instead of starting every day with a blank piece of paper, we give you techniques and structure to keep your momentum high to achieve your goals.

  • Designed by successful serial entrepreneurs

    After working with 10,000's of entrepreneurs as advisors, experts, and guest lectures over decades, our team developed a course based on leading research, best practices, and extensive experience.

  • A proven approach and co-designed with the market

    The techniques in this course have been tested at universities, in incubators, and with young startups, supporting high achievers turning their ideas into successful businesses.

What's included in this Entrepreneurship Course?

  • 01
    Setting The Stage – Building The Foundation
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    • Welcome to the kickoff!
    • Who will you spend some quality time with during this course?
    • The entire course at a glance FREE PREVIEW
    • Use the Spark Formula to shine
    • Entrepreneurship is limitless FREE PREVIEW
    • Build your business on a strong foundation
    • Culture can be designed
    • Commit to an ambition that inspires and stand for something
    • How are you using your strengths and talents?
    • Collaborate with people who inspire you
    • Design your culture
    • Build your tribe
    • Bonus: How to build a strong support system?
    • The Progress Check-In #1
  • 02
    Setting the Foundation to Achieve
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    • Transform your dreams into goals
    • Bonus: How to set your goals and achieve them with the Goal Formula
    • Commit to the challenge
    • Work with the Goal Formula
    • Bonus: Are you committed or just interested in achieving your goals?
    • Ready to commit to the challenge?
    • The reality check
    • The Progress Check-In #2
  • 03
    Developing Your Spark Into An Idea – Time For Ideation
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  • 04
    Developing Your Business Model
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    • Kickstarting the business model creation
    • The process for developing your business model
    • Working with the Business model canvas
    • The Progress Check-In #4
  • 05
    Co-Creating With The Market – Design Thinking In Action
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