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Customer-centric companies are 60 percent more profitable compared to companies that are not focused on the customer*

This is for you

You are an innovator, a builder, a creator, or already an entrepreneur. Basically – You are a High Achiever.

You might come from the corporate world and are looking to make a change. To build something for yourself. 

You might already have been in the entrepreneurial world for years and are looking for a new way of doing things. 

You might even work in an organization and are looking for more innovative and effective ways of doing things. 

Then this entrepreneurship course is for you.

Turn your idea into a business
The course is designed for high achievers that are looking to build a company in close collaboration with the market, to develop a tribe, to design a thriving business culture and ultimately achieve a successful launch.

Our Promise to You

  • We take you on a journey

    This actionable course takes you along the different stages from pursuing an idea to developing a business leading to a successful launch.

  • No matter the stage you're in, you will grow

    The course is perfect for the exploration and development phase of your company, regardless if you are one hour, one week or one year into your business. We are taking the best of design thinking combined with other business insights and delivering it in a futuristic way.

  • Fosters creativity in an exciting way

    Its designed with actionable challenges and exercises to support you to step out of your comfort zone.

  • Momentum builds momentum

    Instead of starting every day with a blank piece of paper, we give you techniques and structure to keep your momentum high to achieve your goals.

  • Designed by successful serial entrepreneurs

    After working with 10,000's of entrepreneurs as advisors, experts, and guest lectures over decades, our team developed a course based on leading research, best practices, and extensive experience.

  • A proven approach and co-designed with the market

    The techniques in this course have been tested at universities, in incubators, and with young startups, supporting high achievers turning their ideas into successful businesses.

What's included in this Entrepreneurship Course?

  • 01
    Setting The Stage – Building The Foundation
    Show details
    • Welcome to the kickoff!
    • Who will you spend some quality time with during this course?
    • The entire course at a glance FREE PREVIEW
    • Use the Spark Formula to shine
    • Entrepreneurship is limitless FREE PREVIEW
    • Build your business on a strong foundation
    • Culture can be designed
    • Commit to an ambition that inspires and stand for something
    • How are you using your strengths and talents?
    • Collaborate with people who inspire you
    • Design your culture
    • Build your tribe
    • Bonus: How to build a strong support system?
    • The Progress Check-In #1
  • 02
    Setting the Foundation to Achieve
    Show details
    • Transform your dreams into goals
    • Bonus: How to set your goals and achieve them with the Goal Formula
    • Commit to the challenge
    • Work with the Goal Formula
    • Bonus: Are you committed or just interested in achieving your goals?
    • Ready to commit to the challenge?
    • The reality check
    • The Progress Check-In #2
  • 03
    Developing Your Spark Into An Idea – Time For Ideation
    Show details
  • 04
    Developing Your Business Model
    Show details
    • Kickstarting the business model creation
    • The process for developing your business model
    • Working with the Business model canvas
    • The Progress Check-In #4
  • 05
    Co-Creating With The Market – Design Thinking In Action
    Show details
    • How to co-create
    • How to develop a Dream Persona FREE PREVIEW
    • The dream persona discovery
    • Turning customer assumptions into customer insights
    • How did the first customer interviews go?
    • Living as a customer
    • The experiment
    • Exploring the customer journey
    • Your tribe of dream personas
    • The Progress Check-In #5
  • 06
    It's Time To Recognize Your Opportunity In The Market
    Show details
    • Defining the market
    • Recognizing your market segments
    • Why now?
    • Capturing the growth potential
    • The competitive analysis
    • The right positioning
    • Different markets and cultures
    • The Progress Check-In #6
  • 07
    The Actionable Plan For Achievements
    Show details
  • 08
    Time For Product Development
    Show details
    • What are you building?
    • Developing with uniqueness in mind
    • How are you co-designing with the market?
    • Act upon key insights
    • Designing your dream product
    • Committing to an MVP
    • Co-creating the MVP
    • Using the lean method to your advantage
    • Time for lingo – What do these words really mean?
    • The Progress Check-In #8
  • 09
    The Power Of Creative Packaging And Pricing Strategies
    Show details
    • Start with the value – Introduction to persuasive packaging and pricing
    • Exploring different pricing models
    • The power of three
    • The magic with irrational pricing
    • Value creation with the market
    • The Progress Check-In #9
  • 10
    People Love To Buy, But Dislike To Be Sold
    Show details
    • Who's your dream customer?
    • Who’s your first customer?
    • Creating your customer lists – Dream and First
    • Your initial sales strategy
    • Developing your sales funnels
    • How to effectively identify your leads
    • Aligning your sales and marketing activities
    • Reaching your dream personas
    • The Progress Check-In #10
  • 11
    Building A Brand – Communicate What You Stand For
    Show details
    • The heart of your business
    • What do you want your brand to be associated with?
    • What is your brand promise?
    • Align your brand with your core
    • Developing your brand
    • The Progress Check-In #11
  • 12
    Build Your Tribe With True Fans
    Show details
    • Your greatest fan
    • The 1000 fans
    • Grow with your fans
    • The Progress Check-In #12
  • 13
    Execute On Your Go-To-Market Strategies
    Show details
    • A/B test your business strategies
    • Developing and acting on your launch strategy
    • Your first 6 to 12 months
    • The Progress Check-In #13
  • 14
    A Mini Crash Course On Finance
    Show details
    • Time for money
    • Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow
    • Your cash flow strategy
    • Making a profit – The foundation of the P&L
    • Keep an eye on the balance sheet
    • Limited resources spark creativity – How will you fund your venture?
    • Align your projections and your key activities
    • The Progress Check-In #14
  • 15
    Commit, Engage And Execute – Shine!
    Show details
    • Thrive with the four cornerstones
    • Determination and drive always win FREE PREVIEW
    • Build a strong support system
    • Don’t wait for inspiration – Purse your idea
    • Commit to shine
    • All working pdf's in one place
    • Members Only – The community is here for you
    • Join Members Only
    • The Progress Check-In #15
    • Share your thoughts. We love to hear from you!
  • 16
    Bonus Gift: Living On The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster – An Introduction To The Entrepreneurial Mindset
    Show details
    • Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Mindset
    • Match the culture with lifestyle design
    • Introduction to ‘The Futuristic You’
    • The Futuristic You – The 30-Day Challenge
    • Bonus: 6 healthy morning habits for high achievers
    • Bonus: Powerful night routine for high achievers
    • Bonus: How to manage your time at work – 7 tips on how to better plan your day
    • Achieve it
    • The Progress Check-In #16

Meet Your Instructor

International keynote speaker and 15 years experience, serial entrepreneur with an academic background, award-winning and recognized entrepreneur

Therese Gedda is the Founder and CEO of Reimaginez, a company reimagining the workplace to enable the Future of Work starting with culture. Beyond running the award-winning company, Therese is a seasoned international Keynote Speaker on topics including Future of Work, business culture, workplace engagement, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and the entrepreneurial mindset. For over 19 years, she has inspired tens of thousands of people all over the world including New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Boston, Venice, Lisbon, London, Paris, Dublin, Stockholm, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Helsinki, and in the Bay Area.

At the age of 17, Therese started her first management consulting company, and over the last 19 years, she has supported thousands of founders, management teams and executives. At the age of 21, she became a guest lecturer at Stockholm School of Economics and The Royal Institute of Technology. Therese holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and has been awarded Sweden’s largest prize for innovators in memory of Alfred Nobel.

In 2016, Therese was included in the Nordic 100 list, which recognizes the most influential individuals having an impact on the tech and startup communities in the Nordics. In May 2018, Therese founded Be Brilliant Academy to provide actionable, on-demand courses that support high achievers to thrive personally and professionally.

Today, Therese is advising leading companies worldwide in redesigning their culture. She also works as a Performance and Achievement Coach to Founders and C-level executives globally to excel as high achievers. Additionally, Therése spends a significant amount of her time traveling as she frequently is invited to speak about The Future of Work at conferences all over Europe and North America.

When she is not on stage, connecting people or running startups, she is passionate about training and motivating others as a fitness instructor.

Meet Your Instructor

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who’s this entrepreneurship course for?

    You are an innovator, a builder, a creator, or already an entrepreneur. Basically – You are a high achiever. You might come from the corporate world and are looking to make a change. To build something for yourself. You might already have been in the entrepreneurial world for years and are looking for a new way of doing things. You might even work in an organization and are looking for more innovative and effective ways of doing things. Then this course is for you. The journey you are on is incredible, but with million things to do, where do you start? And, how do you navigate from there? How do you prioritize between customers, culture, finance, product development, marketing, branding and so much more? Every time you are doing something new or are looking for new ways of doing things, finding the right path can take weeks, months even years sometimes. It can be daunting. This actionable, step-by-step course is here to guide you, inspire you and help you navigate to go from a spark to a product. You will still use all your determination, passion and talents to make it happen, but we are here to help you put your focus on things that will bring your idea forward today and tomorrow.

  • I’m an intrapreneur can I still benefit from the course?

    If you’re an intrapreneur, that’s great! For several high achievers, this is the best of two worlds. Using your creativity, passion, and determination to build something with the resources and stability to go with it. This course will show you a new way of working with product and business development where design thinking is in the heart of the course. It will also cover several topics such as market potential, fans and how to work with an actionable business plan.

  • I’m a serial entrepreneur, will I learn something new?

    This entrepreneurship course is designed with the customer in the center, using design thinking to develop your next MVP. It also covers how to build a strong foundation when it comes to culture and team. Depending on your background, you might recognize some insights, be reminded of the importance of others, and help you design your next product or service with the customer-centric approach.

  • What should I know or master before starting the course?

    The only thing you need is ambition and determination. We will guide you through the process of taking a spark into an idea, how to co-create with the market and develop your first product. Are you ready for your next adventure?

  • What can I expect to get out of the course and how many hours can I expect to be working on it?

    It’s an actionable, step-by-step course that you can explore on-demand. It’s designed so you can act upon the insights from each lesson right away and apply it to your idea and growing business. The entire entrepreneurship course is created to help you launch your product or service. You can design it the way you want to, and you decide the pace that fits you best. The actual course is about 10 hours of watching the videos, completing the 12 specially designed documents and the surveys. However, the more time you invest, the more time you get out of it. The course is designed to help you take a spark into a product within four weeks. The more committed you are, the greater impact the course will provide. It will be a rollercoaster but know that regardless what happens it’s all temporary and that we are here to support you.

  • What’s your money back guarantee policy?

    In everything we do, we believe in empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Therefore, we offer you a money back guarantee within the 21 days of your purchase if you don’t feel that you have grown personally and professionally.

  • Who's behind Be Brilliant Academy and what's their experience?

    The team behind Be Brilliant Academy have an extensive background in entrepreneurship, innovation, business development, design thinking, sales, marketing, and technology. The instructor in this course is the Founder and CEO of Be Brilliant Academy, Therése Gedda, herself. An award-winning entrepreneur and international keynote speaker with over 15 years of experience. She has researched the entrepreneurial mindset and worked with 1000’s entrepreneurs over the years. She is truly passionate about making a difference and empowering them to reach their full potential. “When I started my first business at the age of 17, I would have loved a course like this to guide me on my incredible entrepreneurial adventure.”

  • Will I be able to have personal contact with Therése? And, if I have questions, where can I ask them?

    We have an exclusive ‘Members Only’ Facebook group. That’s where you can ask questions to the team and interact with fellow high achievers. If you have a special request towards Therése, you are more than welcome to message that too. If you want additional personal one-on-one sessions with Therése, she is still working with a few clients on performance and achievement coaching. Check out the opportunities on our site.

  • Do I get a certificate after completing the course?

    Absolutely, we want to celebrate your achievement! We’re proud to present the Be Brilliant Academy Certificate. After four amazing weeks (or longer if you decide to extend the course), and acting upon all of the insights, you get a specially designed certificate. You can proudly share it with your network on social media, on your LinkedIn profile and you can even print it and put it in a frame. Amazing, right?

A course co-created with the market

Before launching this course, we developed and co-created it together with the market, working alongside 30minMBA and DMG Education to create a 4-week crash course in entrepreneurship for 35 music students with limited exposure and experience of entrepreneurship. We took them along an exciting ride from spark to pitching their MVP (minimal viable product) in front of a jury of investors, thought-leaders, and industry experts. The results were exceptional and the insights we got from developing that course, is included in this Be Brilliant Academy entrepreneurship course available to you. Want to hear from one of the DMG students? Here's Rebecka: “Therese was truly an inspiring lecturer and teacher during my four-week-course in entrepreneurship with her. She was always so energetic and positive. She was very involved and a big process of all of our developments and making sure that we kept our great spirit up or ‘spark level’ as she usually calls it. Before I met Therese, I didn’t really know a single thing on how to create a plan out of an idea. I knew that I had a lot of ambition and passion, but I didn’t really have the tools. But, she made it happen and always challenged me along the way. I can’t be any happier with her or how much of a difference she really made in my entrepreneurship-skills!” – Rebecka Thunborg, Music Business Developer Student at DMG Education
A course co-created with the market

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Why Be Brilliant Academy?

  • Specially designed for you the High Achiever by High Achievers

    We know the lifestyle of a busy High Achiever, so our courses are actionable and its insights easy to implement instantly.

  • Learn where and how it fits you

    Our courses are available on multiple devices on-demand and accessible when or where it suits you.

  • Grow both personally and professionally

    Regardless of where you are in your career, this is for you, who are committed to lifelong learning and to excel in each stage of your career.

  • Bridging the gap between what science knows and what business does

    Each actionable course has its foundation in behavioral science, positive psychology, and extensive expert experience.

  • Connect with fellow High Achievers

    We aim to be the champion of all High Achievers out there. Every High Achiever joining one of our course is invited to be a part of our community and continue the learning experience.

  • We believe in empowering individuals to reach their full potential

    With our courses, achievement and performance coaching, and our community, we will always be there to support you achieving greatness.

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*Source: eConsultancy.com report