“It's amazing and so refreshing the way this course explores behavioral science and positive psychology in such an actionable way. All the lessons can be instantly applied and bring you an edge in the meeting room. Now I feel even more equipped to deal with any rational or irrational behavior both in the boardroom and in a sales meeting. Thank you for an incredible course!”

Emil Robertsson

Investor and Nordic CEO Informator Tieturi

“I missed the negotiation class during my MBA at INSEAD, taught by star professor Horatio Falcao, and I was looking for a world-class course to catch up before my next promotion was due. Be Brilliant Academy has more than fit the bill! It is a well-researched course, taught by a highly gifted communicator, that places negotiation at the core of all human interactions. Negotiation is so much more than just sitting down at a table; it’s a way of life. The finale portion beautifully tied the entire course together that is packed with so many actionable insightful insights and wisdom. After this course, the concept of negotiation is much less intimidating and even fun. I got a substantial raise thanks to the course, and even more importantly, I have become more empathic and aware of my interactions with my fellow humans. A massive thank you for this amazing course!”

Raquel Rojo Calderón

MBA Alumni INSEAD and Leadership Specialist

Master your next negotiation

As a High Achiever, you always enter each negotiation excited and ready to add value to all parties – to make a successful deal. However, at times you experience that people are irrational and hard to read, making it almost impossible to achieve a successful negotiation. New ideas and projects were met with a focus on obstacles instead of how to build new valuable alliances. What if you could take the driver seat in each negotiation and actively improve its outcomes? 

Imagine getting closer to your goals, building strong connections, and standing out. Picture gaining awareness over other's irrational behaviors increased confidence and the ability to tap into all your knowledge and skills even when it gets the most stressful.

This is an actionable negotiation course for busy High Achievers like yourself. You will learn how to apply effective negotiation tactics and gain an edge by deep diving into the psychology of influence and the power of giving. You will understand how to reach an agreement while conquering your goals, being true to yourself and standing for what you believe in. Finally, you will discover how to build rapport with anyone. Get ready to learn practical negotiation skills and negotiation techniques to excel in both business negotiations and in your personal life.

So, are you ready to master your next negotiation? Welcome to 'Master Negotiation – Lead with Influence and Integrity.'

58 percent of sales meetings are not valuable to buyers and insight-oriented sellers are 3x more likely to achieve success*

Our Promise To You

  • Get a refreshing and actionable perspective on negotiation

    By using extensive research from behavioral science and positive psychology, you gain an edge in each negotiation and understand everything that's being communicated, which includes the non-verbal and the verbal signals from everyone involved.

  • Explore how to engage and connect regardless if it's with a client or a gate agent at the airport

    Learn how to prepare better, interact and follow-up for different negotiating scenarios by gaining a more holistic view of the process.

  • Stay true to yourself

    Bring integrity and personality to each negotiation by leading with authenticity.

  • Learn how to increase your ability to read and communicate with people

    Master the skill of being open to how others feel and think while staying focused on the goal of the negotiation.

  • Discover how to stand out and take the lead

    Be aware of the subtle changes during a negotiation, be more charismatic and take charge.

  • Build strong connections

    We empower you to use all your senses, skills and knowledge to lead a negotiation that meets your goals and creates long-lasting relationships.

What's included in 'Master Negotiation – Lead With Influence And Integrity'?

  • 01
    The Foundation of Negotiation
    Show details
  • 02
    Making the Connection
    Show details
    • How to connect with anyone
    • How to stand out from the crowd
    • How to build rapport
    • The Progress Check-In
  • 03
    How to Build Rapport with Anyone
    Show details
    • How to strengthen a connection
    • How does body language play a role in negotiation?
    • How to spot the hidden expressions
    • How to lead with self-disclosure
    • How to help someone make a great first impression
    • How to increase instant likability FREE PREVIEW
    • How to lead with 'the ask'
    • How to make memorable impressions by being present
    • How to read lips
    • Why 'how' is more important than 'what'
    • The Progress Check-In
  • 04
    The Psychology of Influence
    Show details
    • How does our need for consistency play a role in negotiation?
    • How likability influence negotiation
    • The power of social proof
    • How scarcity impacts our ability to act
    • How giving leads to more
    • Is this a good or a bad opportunity?
    • The Progress Check-In
  • 05
    The Power of Giving
    Show details
  • 06
    Achieve More in Every Negotiation
    Show details
    • The most essential aspect of a successful negotiation
    • Goal Formula PDF
    • How to optimize a negotiation
    • The component that can make or break a deal
    • How perspective plays a role in the negotiation
    • How to apply design thinking in your next negotiation
    • Dream Persona PDF
    • The power of role-reversal
    • The Progress Check-In
  • 07
    Applying Effective Negotiation Tactics
    Show details
    • How to get the first yes
    • How to lead with questions
    • How to deal with negativity in negotiation
    • How to deal with a stalemate
    • How to use standards to your advantage
    • Why starting high is more effective than starting low
    • How to work with powerful statements to get more in your next negotiation
    • The Progress Check-In
  • 08
    The Finale
    Show details
    • Achieving success together with people
    • You’re brilliant!
    • Access the reading list here
    • Welcome to Members Only
    • Join Members Only
    • The Final Check-In

Meet Your Instructor

Therese Gedda – Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Therese Gedda is the Founder and CEO of Reimaginez, a company reimagining the workplace to enable the Future of Work starting with culture. Beyond running the award-winning company, Therese is a seasoned international Keynote Speaker on topics including Future of Work, business culture, workplace engagement, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and the entrepreneurial mindset. For over 19 years, she has inspired tens of thousands of people all over the world including New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Boston, Venice, Lisbon, London, Paris, Dublin, Stockholm, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Helsinki, and in the Bay Area.

At the age of 17, Therese started her first management consulting company, and over the last 19 years, she has supported thousands of founders, management teams and executives. At the age of 21, she became a guest lecturer at Stockholm School of Economics and The Royal Institute of Technology. Therese holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and has been awarded Sweden’s largest prize for innovators in memory of Alfred Nobel.

In 2016, Therese was included in the Nordic 100 list, which recognizes the most influential individuals having an impact on the tech and startup communities in the Nordics. In May 2018, Therese founded Be Brilliant Academy to provide actionable, on-demand courses that support high achievers to thrive personally and professionally.

Today, Therese is advising leading companies worldwide in redesigning their culture. She also works as a Performance and Achievement Coach to Founders and C-level executives globally to excel as high achievers. Additionally, Therése spends a significant amount of her time traveling as she frequently is invited to speak about The Future of Work at conferences all over Europe and North America.

When she is not on stage, connecting people or running startups, she is passionate about training and motivating others as a fitness instructor.

Meet Your Instructor

Highlights of accomplishments

Are you ready to master your next negotiation?

All prices include taxes, and there are no hidden fees. What you see, is what the investment is.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who's the negotiation course for?

    This course is for high achievers. For individuals who are looking to excel in every negotiation, reaching their goals while building strong connections. It’s for the executive, the entrepreneur, the intrapreneur and the professional. It’s for the individual who wants to achieve more in each negotiation.

  • What can I expect to get out of this course?

    It’s an actionable, step-by-step course that you can explore on-demand. It’s designed so you can act upon the insights from each lesson right away and apply it in different negotiation settings. This course explores effective negotiation tactics, the psychology of influence, the power of giving and much more.

  • What should I know or master before starting this course?

    The key aspect is a commitment, willingness to work hard and experiment. If you have previous experience with negotiations, that will help as the course builds upon your experience, but it's not necessary. The more time and effort you invest in your own development, the more you will get out of it.

  • How many hours can I expect to be working on it?

    You can design it the way you want to, and you decide the pace that fits you best. The actual course is about 4 hours of watch time. However, this course is designed to be acted upon, so the more you experiment and try out the different techniques in real life, the more you will gain from it. So, the more time you invest, the more time you get out of it. The more committed you are, the more significant impact the course will give you.

  • Will I be able to have personal contact with Therése? And, if I have questions, where can I ask them?

    We have an exclusive ‘Members Only’ Facebook group. That’s where you can ask questions to the team and interact with fellow high achievers. If you have a special request towards Therése, you are more than welcome to ask that too. If you want additional personal one-on-one sessions with Therése, she is still working with a few clients on performance and achievement coaching, so to explore that check out the different packages available on our site.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes! In everything we do, we believe in empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Therefore, the course is designed to help you will grow both personally and professionally. So, if you're not completely satisfied, the course comes with a 21-day money back guarantee.

  • Do I get a certificate after completing the course?

    Absolutely, we want to celebrate your achievement! We’re proud to present the Be Brilliant Academy Certificate. After completing and acting upon all of the insights in the course, you get a specially designed certificate. You can proudly share it with your network on social media, on your LinkedIn profile and you can even print it and put it in a frame. Amazing, right?

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  • We believe in empowering individuals to reach their full potential

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Source: Mike Schultz, Bob Croston, and Mary Flaherty, Top Performance inSales Prospecting Benchmark Report, RAIN Group (2018)